We Are Connected is a bizarre new exhibit at the ArtScience Museum with hyper-realistic animal-human hybrid sculptures

by Jesslyn Lye

Step into the ArtScience Museum’s new exhibit and you’ll be greeted by some of the most strange and bizarre sculptures you’ve ever seen. At first glance, you might not realise what they are, but take a closer look, and you’ll see that they’re actually sculptures of human-animal hybrids — but they don’t look anything like the fairytale centaurs and mermaids we’re familiar with. (And it feels a lot like Netflix’s Sweet Tooth where we can somewhat get up close and personal with human-animal hybrids)

we are connected
Photos: @artsciencemuseumsg/instagram

At We Are Connected, you’ll find over 40 works of art by Patricia Piccinini, one of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists. Her first major solo showcase in Southeast Asia, the exhibition will include her iconic one-of-a-kind sculptures of mutated human beings and mechanised animals that will fascinate you with their surreal strangeness. 

Among the sculptures, you’ll find a pup-like child doing a handstand on a goat, an orangutan mother with human and chimera babies, and a woman cradling a pig-like creature in a field of fleshy, grostuque flowers.

Photos: @artsciencemuseumsg/instagram

These sculptures are all shockingly hyperrealistic, and include unorthodox materials such as human hair to make them appear even more lifelike — so get ready to dive right into the uncanny valley when you visit.

The sculptures might look completely alien to us, but these strange creatures are actually meant to explore how humans might possibly evolve with scientific and technological advances such as genetic engineering and cloning. Who knows, perhaps mutated humans would look closer to this than to the X-Men from the Marvel comics?

we are connected
Photo: Art Science Museum

On top of that, the artworks also explore relevant issues such as climate change, ethics, and the idea of beauty.

We Are Connected will run from 5th August 2022 to 29th January 2023, with tickets for Singaporeans being priced at S$14 for children, students, and seniors, and S$18 for adults. 

As part of the exhibit’s additional activities, there will also be a spotlight artist tour (S$5) and a free book reading by Patricia Piccinini herself on 5th and 6th August respectively, as well as drop-in Make Your Own Hybrid Friend sessions (S$5) every last Friday of the month. 

Photos: @artsciencemuseumsg/instagram

Whether you enjoy a thought-provoking art exhibition or you just want to take a closer look at these bizarre sculptures, the ArtScience Museum’s newest exhibit is definitely worth a visit. 

We Are Connected
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???? 10am – 7pm (Mon to Sun)
????️ 5 August 2022 – 29 January 2023

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