New premium BBQ joint Yakiniku-GO Plus with A5 Wagyu from just S$18.80 & 50% off ala carte menu from 17 Nov to 19 Nov

by Evan Mua

When we hear the word “Wagyu”, we think of the fanciest Japanese restaurants charging exorbitant prices. What if you want to savour some of that Wagyu fattiness without burning a hole in your wallet? Well, the new Yakiniku-GO Plus at Suntec offers just that with cuts of A5 Miyazaki Wagyu available from just S$18.80!

While Yakiniku-Go is known for its accessible and affordable Yakiniku experience, this premium version at Suntec is more focused on quality cuts at affordable prices, being one of the few Yakiniku joints you can get A5 Wagyu at this kind of price point.

yainiku go plus
Photo: Yakiniku-GO

Unlike some places that just use the buzzword of “Wagyu” as a gimmick, Yakiniku-GO Plus’ offerings are the real deal. Most beef lovers would have heard of Miyazaki Wagyu, renowned for being one of the best varieties of Wagyu out there, sporting a beautiful marbling that has won it multiple awards.

To make it an even more absurd bargain they are also offering 50% Off the GO+ Ala Carte Menu from 17 Nov 2021 to 19 Nov 2021. The ala carte selection is mostly made up of luxurious cuts, so you can get a taste of the world-famous A5 Miyazaki from as low as S$9.40!

yainiku go plus
Photo: Yakiniku-GO

Of course, if you rather not squeeze in with the crowd —not in this pandemic— you can head down to Yakiniku-GO Plus at later dates because it’s still mighty affordable. If you just want to try the hype, you can get a plate Wagyu A5 Miyazaki Sukiyaki (S$18.80/100g) for some thin, luscious bites of rich juices.

But if you’re keener on trying the full experience, you must get the fattier rib cuts such as the Wagyu A5 Miyazaki Nakaochi Karubi (S$29.80/100g) and Wagyu A5 Miyazaki Gokujou Karubi (S$39.80/100g) for the full gamut of beefy flavours.

Photo: Yakiniku-GO

Yakiniku-GO Plus has options like the Supreme Beef Platter ($26.80/100g) for those who prefer getting whole sets, which features a tantalising mix of A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Karubi, along with a beef short plate and thick-cut beef tongue.

It’s also not a bad idea GO+ A5 Wagyu Platter (S$88.80/270g) if you’re feeling fancy since it’s a hefty 270g portion of 3 different Wagyu cuts and Beef Tongue for S$88.80.

yainiku go plus
Photo: Yakiniku-GO

Though if you’re not too picky and don’t need the extravagance of Wagyu to enjoy your meal at Yakiniku-GO Plus, you can also get some of their classic value-for-money sets too! So if you love the richness of meats and smokiness, then head down and try some of their decadent and affordable Wagyu beef cuts.

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