The Gyu Co serves S$9.90 wagyu don & affordable under S$20 dons by ex French-restaurant chef

by Evan Mua
the gyu co affordable gyudon singapore

Normally when we see the word “Wagyu” on the menu, it’s followed by a rather daunting price tag that we might not be prepared to pay. But if you really wanted to have a taste of quality Wagyu without breaking the bank, then you have to head down to The Gyu Co at Jurong East.

Only opened in August, this humble eatery at Vision Exchange is actually run by an experienced chef who’s worked in esteemed restaurants including DB Bistro and Oyster Bar and The Wine & Gourmet Friends.

the gyu co affordable gyudon singapore
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While this is his first foray into Japanese cuisine, you can expect plenty of exquisite French fusion influences in the sauces and in the use of Foie Gras. But the main attraction here is undoubtedly still their Classic Gyu Don (S$9.90/S$15.90) that comes with slices of tender Australian Wagyu beef for under S$10.

It’s all drenched in a special sauce that is home-made every day to give you that rich umami to complement the beef. While the regular portion provides 100g of Wagyu richness, those with bigger appetites might want to go for 200g for S$15.90.

If you prefer an additional kiss of fragrance, The Gyu Co also bathes the medley of beefy goodness with a punchy truffle perfume in their Truffle Gyudon (S$13.90) for just a bit more.

the gyu co affordable gyudon singapore
Photo: The Gyu Co

Beef is not the only thing that The Gyu Co does, however. You can also get other affordable rice bowls including Oyakodon (S$7.90), Chicken Nanban Don (S$8.90), and Katsudon (S$10.90).

For something a bit more unique compared to your usual Japanese rice bowls, there’s a Mentaiko Rainbow Trout Don (S$12.90/15.90) that puts the popular creamy sauce on a different fish than your usual salmon, and a Buta Kakuni Don (S$9.90) that sports some Chinese-inspired elements.

the gyu co affordable gyudon singapore
Photo: The Gyu Co

Chef’s French expertise can also be tapped upon here if you wish to indulge in the decadent French classic of Foie Gras. There’s the regular Foie Gras Gyudon (S$14.90/S$20.90) and a spruced-up Truffle Foie Gras Gyudon (S$17.90/S$23.90) — the latter is perfect for those who want a taste of luxury without spending obscene amounts of money.

They also have a value-for-money Lunch Set Deal where you get a side of Miso Soup, Chawanmushi and a drink for a mere S$3.50 add-on, meaning you can have a satisfying Japanese meal here without spending more than S$20 — a pretty good bargain.

They are also available for islandwide delivery, order here.

The Gyu Co
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???? 2 Venture Drive, #02-35 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
???? 11am–6pm (Mon to Sat)

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