8 top BB cushions that are trending in South Korea that Korean celebrities and influencers love

by Carol Ong

Korean BB cushions have been a game-changer ever since they started getting popular — they work like a charm at catering to your makeup needs, they’re hygienic and they’re so easy to carry around and re-apply. 

They’re so popular that there are probably hundreds and thousands of different BB cushions on the market — so which ones should you get? I too have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available, so I decided to do some research — to which it dawned on me: who knows Korean BB cushions better than the Koreans themselves? 

So, to help you find the best BB cushion for your skin type that has amazing reviews and works well, I found the top 8 BB cushions that are trending in South Korea right now for all kinds of looks! 

PS: did you know that there’s been a BB cushion application hack that’s been going around? Instead of directly applying it to your face, dab the puff on the back cover of the cushion lid first, then use short, dabbing motions to apply the product. 

If you want more coverage on your pores, rub the product in using circular motions, then proceed to blend it out by dabbing, et voila, you have a perfect veil that covers all your imperfections! Coupled with the cushions that we’re going to mention in this article, you’ll definitely be able to achieve the flawless, airbrushed look that everyone’s looking for! 

ROM&ND Bare Water Cushion 

For my girlies that have been wondering how so many Korean celebrities and influencers have such a flawless makeup base, let me let you in on a secret — they’re most likely wearing a lightweight BB cushion with deeply hydrating properties and a natural finish like the ROM&ND Bare Water Cushion

8 top bb cushions trending in korea singapore
Photo: @narrymalikson/instagram

This water-based BB cushion is formulated with a special transparent base developed through the brand’s very own colour system technology. This creates the most skin-like finish that’s not only moisturising for up to 48 hours, but also adheres to the skin like an IRL Meitu filter! 

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CLIO Kill Cover Mesh Glow Cushion 

If you’ve been on social media, then you’ve probably heard of this viral BB cushion that so many influencers are raving about — the CLIO Kill Cover Mesh Glow Cushion. The trending cushion comes in an adorable baby pink packaging and has a fine mesh filter that distributes just the right amount of product over the teardrop-shaped cushion puff. 

8 top bb cushions trending in korea singapore
Photo: @from.grain/instagram

The formula of the cream itself is also really high coverage, so you’ll be able to achieve a flawless look with just a thin layer — no concealer or layering needed! It’s also formulated to be extremely long-lasting and even tried and tested to be able to last up to 54 hours on the skin while still looking radiant and fresh (apparently, it consists of ingredients that help the product look really good even as it smudges!). 

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AMUSE Meta Fixing Cushion 

Singapore’s hot and humid weather makes it an uncomfortable nightmare for those who struggle with oilier skin to find a base that’s not going to crease and look greasy — until soft matte BB cushions like AMUSE’s Meta Fixing Cushion came to the rescue. 

8 top bb cushions trending in korea singapore

With a smooth and matte finish that provides coverage for up to 24 hours, this BB cushion is also vegan and EWG-certified with safe ingredients — making it perfect for those who prefer using clean products or have sensitive skin. 

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Espoir Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion 

While glowy and dewy cushions are more popular in Korea at the moment, Espoir’s Pro Tailor Be Velvet Cover Cushion is still one of the most popular BB cushions in the country despite being one with a matte finish — and I think that speaks volumes about how good this product is. 

8 top bb cushions trending in korea singapore
Photo: 福利社/RED

Coupled with a strong lasting power and amazing coverage, this product has a smooth and velvety finish that’s even good enough to wear on its own — no setting powder needed (unless you really want a bulletproof base of course!). 

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Fwee Cushion Glass 

I’m sure that by now, most of you have heard of the term ‘glass skin’. While achieving this glowy skin naturally through dedication to your skincare routine and consistency over a period of time is ideal for skin health — sometimes you just want to achieve the look without the wait. And that’s exactly what Fwee’s Cushion Glass can do for you! 

8 top bb cushions trending in korea singapore
Photo: mipoom美妆店/RED

What’s really impressive about this cushion is that despite its glowy, natural finish and highly hydrating properties (testing has even shown that moisture levels in the skin actually increase after using it!), it’s completely transfer-proof and long-lasting! 

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Merrymonde Happy Your Day Cushion 

While this whimsical cushion is modelled after a cake, it does the exact opposite for your skin. Instead, Merrymonde’s Happy Your Day Cushion is one that provides a non-cakey and blurring finish that helps to minimise the appearance of those pesky pores! 

8 top bb cushions trending in korea singapore
Photo: Merrymonde

It’s also formulated with a soothing Japanese cypress water that helps to moisturise your skin while wearing it. And come on, how can we not give it extra points for the adorable packaging?

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JAVIN DE SEOUL Bloom Foundation Pact 

For those who prefer a more sheer and translucent skin look, check out JAVIN DE SEOUL’s Bloom Foundation Pact. This cushion works almost like a tinted moisturiser, and will provide a light coverage (still buildable) for your skin while leaving it with a slightly glowy finish to mimic healthy skin. 

8 top bb cushions trending in korea singapore
Photo: JAVIN姿彬/RED

If you’ve been wanting to rock that ‘no makeup’ makeup look that’s so popular right now, then this cushion would definitely do the trick! 

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JUNG SAEM MOOL Skin Nude Cover Layer Cushion

If you’re looking for a matte BB cushion that’s also skin-like and moisturising, then JUNG SAEM MOOL’s Skin Nude Cover Layer Cushion is definitely one that you can consider adding to your cart. 

8 top bb cushions trending in korea singapore
Photo: 张乐开了花/RED

This cushion is also highly-raved by many Korean netizens for its high coverage as well as hydrating properties thanks to the essences and hyaluronic acids that are formulated together with the product. 

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Can’t wait to try these hot picks out? Add them to your cart now! 

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