12 places to get fluffy Min Jiang Kueh in Singapore from just S$0.70 for a sweet taste of nostalgia

by Evan Mua

Remember all those snacks you loved when you were growing up? Nostalgia has been making quite a huge impact on Singapore F&B in recent years, with mama shop concepts and childhood snacks being especially popular. But what many may not know is there’s an obsession with Min Jiang Kueh amongst the younger crowd in Singapore.

Yes, you’d find that Instagram is surprisingly filled with posts about the soft and chewy pancakes. And they’re becoming even more popular as more stores add fun twists like using orh nee or black sesame for Min Jiang Kueh fillings instead of traditional peanuts or red bean.

If you’re also craving a fluffy piece of nostalgia, we’ve got some places for you to get your hands on some of these old-school goodies from as cheap as S$0.70.

Munchi Delights

best min jiang kueh singapore munchi delights

Munchi is probably one of the most popular stalls that helped fuel the Min Jiang Kueh resurgence in Singapore. Unlike your traditional ol’ brown pancakes, they spruced it up by introducing snazzy modern versions including Charcoal and Matcha Pancakes. More importantly, they provide wacky fillings such as Oreo Cheese (S$1.80), Matcha (S$1.80) and Black Seasame (S$1.80)

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???? 51 Yishun Ave 11, #01-43 Yishun Park Hawker Centre, Singapore 768867
???? 8am–9pm (Daily)

Granny’s Pancake

best min jiang kueh singapore granny's pancake
Photo: @culivinary/instagram

Located at Ghim Moh Food Centre, this classic Min Jiang Kueh stall does it as traditional as it gets. The popular stall features freshly churned out pancakes that can be slathered with 1 of 4 traditional fillings that include Peanut (S$0.80), Coconut (S$0.80), Red Bean (S$0.80), or a combo of Peanut and Peanut Butter (S$1.20).

???? 20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-52, Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre, Singapore 270020
???? 5:30am–2pm (Daily)

Belinda’s Traditional Pancake

best min jiang kueh singapore belinda's
Photo: @hot.nheavy/instagram

Min Jiang Kueh can actually be made wildly different from the traditional chewy pancakes, at least that’s the case for Belinda’s Traditional Pancake where you can get Min Jiang Kueh cones. You can get a Cone (S$1) stuffed with peanut, red bean, coconut, or chocolate or go for the conventional Min Jiang Kueh (S$0.70) if you’re more traditional.

???? Blk 341, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, # 01-27 Teck Ghee Court Market & Food Centre, Singapore 560341
???? 6am–12pm (Tue to Wed, Fri to Sun)

Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake

Photo: @muchmunchh/instagram

Similar to Granny’s Pancake, Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake embodies the old-school Min Jiang Kueh spirit, selling their traditional Peanut-loaded pancakes for just S$0.80. Don’t be surprised if the stall is cleared out when you reach because they have been known to sell out even at 10am. The clock is ticking with Tanglin Halt Market’s impending closure — so head down while you can for a slice of their chewy pancakes.

???? 48A Tanglin Halt Rd, Singapore 148813
???? 3:30am–11:30am (Tues, Thurs, Sat)

Bubu Gao Sheng

best min jiang kueh singapore bubu gao sheng
Photo: @crazeforlesswaste/instagram

For Min Jiang Kueh creativity, you won’t find many places in Singapore more innovative than Bu Bu Gao Sheng. From their quirky curry puff shape to the crazy wide diversity in fillings that range from your standard Peanut (S$1) and Red Bean (S$1) to favourites such as Black Sesame (S$1.20) and Matcha (S$1.20) to even wackier ideas such as Chicken Floss (S$1.40) and Smoked Cheese Chocolate (S$1.40).

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???? 120 Neil Rd, Singapore 088855
???? 7am–5pm (Mon to Sat)

???? Blk 269 Queen Street, Stall No. 9A, Singapore 180269
???? 6am–3pm (Daily)

Han n Han Peanut Pancake

best min jiang kueh singapore han n han
Photo: @mightyfoodie/instagram

This popular Min Jiang Kueh brand has outlets all over Singapore but the best place to get their parcels of filling-loaded goodness is at their cafe-style space at Jurong East. Besides the usual suspects of Peanut and Coconut, you can also more unique flavours such as Kaya and Black Sesame — all for a low price of S$1.

???? Blk 252 Jurong East Street 24, #01-151, Singapore 600252
???? 6am–7pm (Daily)

Min Jiang Girl

best min jiang kueh singapore min jiang girl
Photo: Min Jiang Girl

Out of everything on the list here, Min Jiang Girl is probably the most modern. Instead of the typical discs of Min Jiang Kueh, everything is compacted into an adorable heart-shaped pancake and instead of your typical fillings, you can find one-of-a-kind creativity in their Desserts Boxes that include local favourites such as Chendol, Tau Suan, Bubur Cha Cha and Pulut Hitam.

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???? Home-based business

Weng Pancake

Photo: Bear Chua/google maps

If you’re keener on having cake than a pancake but still want a slice of Min Jiang Kueh goodness, you can get a slice of Weng Pancake’s unique take that is rolled up like a swiss roll. You can get them for just S$0.70 with classic fillings like Peanut, Coconut, Red Bean, and Green Bean.

???? 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-26 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184
???? 7am–5pm (Daily)

The Pantree

Photo: @wensdelight/instagram

This cafe is one for those who prefer unique fillings and crispier Min Jiang Kueh than what you’d normally find in Singapore. Not only are there perfect options for those with a sweet tooth including Nutella (S$2.80) and Biscoff (S$3) but also hard-hitting savoury flavours such as Luncheon Meat & Cheese (S$3).

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???? 5 Straits View #B2-24 Marina One The Heart Singapore, Singapore 018935
???? 8:30am–5pm (Mon to Fri)

Pancake King

Photo: Pancake King

With an eye-catching name like Pancake King, you can be sure to find some of the best Min Jiang Kueh in Singapore from this popular stall. You can see how that rings true with many regulars from its popularity both in real life and online, with people often raving about their Pancake (S$1.20) piping hot straight from the grill.

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???? Multiple outlets

Ah Long Pancake

Photo: Ah Long Pancake

If there’s a stall you can count on for interesting savoury Min Jiang Kueh to feed your cravings, it’s Ah Long Pancake. We’re talking stuff including Cheese + Ham + Egg (S$2) and Chicken Hot Dog + Cheese + Egg (S$2.30), with other crazy fillings such as sambal & chai poh that you can find in savoury combos starting from S$2.

???? Multiple outlets

Kueh Pulau Pinang

best min jiang kueh singapore kueh pulau pinang

This is one Min Jiang Kueh stall that has been getting quite a bit of traction on social media recently, mostly due to the super friendly elderly couple running the stall. Besides all the classics of Red Bean (S$1) and Peanut (S$1), you can also find slightly weirder combos such as Cheese & Sweet Corn (S$1.30) wrapped in their traditional chewy pancake skin.

???? Blk 982 Buangkok Cres, Level 2, Singapore 530982
???? 6:30am–1pm (Wed to Mon)

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