MinJiangGirl sells Min Jiang Kueh with creative fillings like salted egg, black sesame and orh nee

by Evan Mua

Most people think of min jiang kueh as the old-school pancakes sold by uncles in kopitiams that are usually just filled with peanuts or red bean — comfort food but not very exciting.

However, the snack has exploded in popularity on social media in the past year, mainly due to modern spins on it by sellers like MinJiangGirl.

Unlike the traditional min jiang kueh, we now have trendier fillings to make those soft and chewy pancakes pop with unique flavours such as Belgium chocolate or cream cheese.

MinJiangGirl Singapore Min Jiang Kueh
Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

MinJiangGirl brings it a step further by introducing fillings that you have probably never seen in min jiang kueh. Not to mention all the gooey and vibrant fillings are such IG darlings, it’ll catch anyone’s eye.

They are an online business that just opened a while ago and are known for their quirky flavours. Their min jiang kueh flavours are mainly inspired by local flavours so you can expect to find Singapore classics like orh nee on the menu.

MinJiangGirl Singapore Min Jiang Kueh
Photo: MinJiangGirl

One more distinct feature of their min jiang kueh is their unique heart-shaped appearance. Plus, the pancakes are made with a batter that is vegan-friendly.

MinJiangGirl’s menu features a split of both sweet and savoury flavours. The Dessert Box (S$10) comes with dessert-inspired fillings such as Ondeh Ondeh, Mango Sago, Orh Nee, and Apple Pie — all classic flavours that are sure to give you a sweet nostalgia trip.

These are quite accurate recreations, filled with small touches like grated coconut in the Ondeh Ondeh’s pandan custard and apple chunks in the Apple Pie version.

MinJiangGirl Singapore Min Jiang Kueh
Photo: @delightful.vegan/instagram

However, the more interesting fillings come in their recently launched Savoury Box (S$10). For more standard fillings, most people probably can’t resist the eternal favourites such as Salted Egg Custard and Black Sesame.

But if you’re looking for something with a bit more texture, MinJiangGirl has also come up with both an Egg Mayo and Chilli Crab min jiang kueh.

Durian lovers may also want to keep an eye out for their future drops. They rolled out a special Durian Box (S$10/3pcs) a few weeks back, each piece engorged with fresh durian pulp — definitely something worth indulging in.

You can place your order in the link in their IG Bio or through delivery platform Pickupp.

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