Just opened: Revel in idyllic Santorini vibes at Blu Kouzina’s new Siglap outlet

by Evan Mua

Sure, we still can’t get jet off to our favourite villas in Bali or cafes in Seoul right now. But there’s a silver lining to it all — it has spurred a new trend of cafes sporting strikingly vivid recreations of popular destinations, giving a new spin on “travelling” within Singapore

One of the most stunning new openings is perhaps Blu Kouzina’s new Siglap restaurant, which transports you into a cosy space that looks unmistakably Santorini.

blu kouzina siglap
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

For those who have been looking to soak in the idyllic vibes of Greece, you can now and without the price of a plane ticket too. It’s a nice spot where you can impress a date on a special occasion.

The first thing you’d notice at Blu Kouzina’s Siglap outlet is the elegant contrast of white and pastel blues, a signature of Santorini architecture.

blu kouzina siglap
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

Adding to that is an embellishment of wooden furnishings which give it that sunny Meditteranean ambience, made even cosier by a wealth of natural light streaming in from a perimeter of clear glass doors.

However, Blu Kouzina’s Siglap outlet isn’t just authentic in decor, there’s substance beneath the style as well. Here, you can find the same classic Greek fare as their original outlet.

blu kouzina siglap
Photo: @wahgotfood/instagram

Of course, it’s not really Greek food without the classic combo of Grilled Pita (S$3.90) with dips.

They have more than 10 dips to choose from, including the yoghurty Labna Dip (S$16.80), earthy Hummus Dip (S$15.80), or the spicy Tirokafteri Dip (S$17.80).

But if you’re a fan of traditional Greek seafood dishes, you can go for favourites such as Xtapodi (S$39.80) grilled octopus or Sardeles (S$30.80) grilled Sardines.

blu kouzina siglap breakfast menu
Photo: Blu Kouzina

Many meat items can also be found on the menu, with wraps like Souvlaki Me Pita (S$23.80) and Lamb Kebab (S$34.80/3pcs), as well as grilled items like Grilled Lamb Loin (S$49.80).

Other than that, Blu Kouzina’s Siglap outlet also has a new breakfast menu that is available from 8:30am to 11:30am, where you can find hearty breakfasts items like Arabic Breakfast Delight (S$12) and Greek Breakfast (S$22).

While sitting in a cafe cannot replace physically stepping into another country, places like Blu Kouzina can help quench the wanderlust by giving you an afternoon of respite away from the urbanscape of Singapore.

Blu Kouzina (Siglap)
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???? 907 East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 459107
????️ 8:30am–10pm (Mon, Wed–Fri), 7:30am–10pm (Sat–Sun)

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