Designer Bengal Singapore is a cattery at East Coast specialising in a wide range of exotic cats

designer bengal singapore

Spend some time scrolling through Instagram or TikTok and you’ll definitely come across videos of cats just doing their thing. From smacking seals in the face for ‘stealing their fish’ (absolutely hilarious) to doing the darnedest things, cats can be incredibly quirky and cute. And if you’d like to spend some time with the cutest exotic cats, hurry on over to Designer Bengal Singapore.

Located at East Coast, this cattery specialises in a wide range of exotic cats from the majestic Bengals and hairless regal Sphynxes, to fluffy huge Maine Coons and sweet cuddly Ragdolls. They also have (arguably) one of the cutest cat breeds ever, the Scottish Folds, stumpy Munchkins, Toygers, British Shorthair and American Curl cats too.

designer bengal singapore
Designer Bengal Singapore

Generally bigger in size compared to our domestic Singapore cats, also affectionately termed as our Lion City Kitties – these exotic cats are gorgeous, friendly and definitely exhibit the same silly, cute tendencies as all cats do.

Photos: @designerbengalsingapore/instagram

There are exotic kittens for sale too, so if you’re considering bringing home a new furry family member, this is a good place to consider with some people having left raving reviews of this place being one of the best catteries in Singapore that they’ve been to.

designer bengal singapore
Photo: Designer Bengal Singapore

At S$5 per person for a 30-minute visit to this cattery, make sure to book an appointment (call 624242416 or whatsapp 96191577) before heading down as visits here are strictly by appointment only.

PS: There are more animal cafes and catteries around Singapore with lots of the cutest dogs and cats to interact with if you’re looking for a fun activity to do that’s perfect for dates, group hangs and family outings too!

Designer Bengal Singapore
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???? Vibes@Eastcoast, 308 Telok Kurau Rd, #01-14, 423858
???? 12pm – 8pm (Wed to Sun, strictly by appointment only) 

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Editor’s Note:

We enjoy animal-related establishments as it gives us the opportunity to interact with our favourite animals – and as animal lovers, we can’t ignore the ethical issues that revolve around this. From animal cafes to pet shops and catteries, there are a wide range of ethical concerns when it comes to animal welfare such as the treatment of the animals, or ethical breeding at pet shops and catteries.

As we share some really great animal cafes, pet shops and catteries to visit, we strongly urge everyone to treat these animals gently, and if you have seen signs that the animals are not being well taken care of, please highlight it to us immediately. If you are considering getting a pet, we would also encourage you to consider adoption options first if possible. There are plenty of lovable animals waiting for a good home at places like SoSD, Cat Welfare Society, and the SPCA!

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