This Muslim-owned cafe in Selegie is open till late with Indomie mains, Deng Deng, XL Milo Dinosaur, Agar Agar “cocktail” & more

by Marcus Leong

If you’ve been scrolling through social media lately, you might have come across this vibey cafe with a retro, old-school charm. 

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Good Vibes Cafe is located at Selegie Road and specialises in fusion Indonesian fare. Think dishes like Rojak Buah, Nasi Lemak, and of course Indomie paired with various proteins. The best part is, they’re Muslim-owned too! 

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One of Good Vibes Cafe’s best dishes is the Signature Sliced Beef Noodle (S$12.90) which comprises a generous serving of thick bee hoon, with chunky homemade beef balls, and sliced beef, all doused in a comforting and rich beef broth. This already sounds perfect for a cold rainy day. 

What makes a bowl of beef noodles good to me is the chilli that comes with it. Good Vibes’ beef noodles pairs best with the spicy sambal belacan which packs a real spice punch. So, if you’ve got a good spice tolerance, make sure you don’t miss out on their sambal belacan.

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On selected days, the cafe has special mains like their Signature XL Prawn Laksa (S$15.90), Nasi Lemak Ayam (S$12), and Nasi Lemak Ayam Sambal Sotong (S$15). Make sure to check their Instagram page for their daily specials so that you don’t feel disappointed. 

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But of course, possibly everyone’s favourite section of the menu is the Indomie Mains. Spice-lovers must give their Sambal Indomie a go. It comes with either Chicken Chop (S$12) or Sliced Beef (S$13), along with some veggies and a fried egg before it is topped with a dollop of their spicy sambal. 

Non-spice lovers don’t worry, they also have a non-spicy version of indomie which comes with your choice of chicken chop (S$12) or sliced beef (S$13) doused with a savoury black pepper sauce. 

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What I’m most interested to try are their unique sides like the Grilled Chicken Wings with Sambal Kicap and Blue Cheese Sauce (S$12 for six pieces). The flavours sound very intriguing and it’s kinda giving Indonesian-style buffalo wings of sorts, 

Another interesting side available here is the Deng Deng slices with Keropok (S$13), something that is not commonly found in most cafes

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Good Vibes Cafe is also known for their Satays (from S$0.80 per stick) that are barbecued in-house over a charcoal fire. The skewers are cooked to order with a nice smoky aroma that complements the well-seasoned meats. 

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Drinks-wise, you can expect to find your traditional mamak drinks like Bandung Ice (S$4.50), Honeydew Ice (S$4.50), Milo Ice King Kong (S$8) — an XXL version of Milo Dinosaur — and more. They even have mocktails in flavours like Lychee Strawberry, Thai Mango, Watermelon and more for just S$12 each

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Finish your meal with some yummy sweet treats like the Sago Gula Melaka (S$5), Puding Gula Hangus (S$5.50), or even assorted traditional kueh. They even have the viral Buko (from S$8) dessert here too — I’ve always wanted to try this and I’m so glad to be able to do it here! 

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I don’t know about you but just looking at the menu is already making my tummy grumble, so you bet I will be making a trip down here soon — especially for the Buko dessert. If you’re planning a trip down, don’t forget to check out their line of apparel too. 

Are you all about the Good Vibes? 

Good Vibes Cafe
📍 171 Selegie Road, #01-01, Singapore 188323
🕑 11.30am–10pm (Mon to Thu), 2.30pm–12am (Fri & Sat), Closed on Sun

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