Hotpot Havoc is a quirky card game where everyone scrambles to be the hotpot master

by Evan Mua
hotpot havoc card game singapore

Some of the best nights in with the squad are those filled with laughter from everyone tryharding to destroy each other in card games such as Exploding Kittens or Monopoly Deal. You can’t put a price on the banter and grudges born from the scramble to come out on top.

But you know what else gets people riled up as well? Hotpot. Singaporeans love hotpot and some of us have our favourite combos that we will fight to the death for. If you’re one of us, then Hotpot Havoc is the card game for you.

hotpot havoc card game singapore
Photo: Mercat Games

The card game is a unique family card game launched by local card game creators Mercat Games that focuses on Hotpot — I know our parents said not to play with our food, but this is an exception.

While Hotpot Havoc can’t necessarily replace physically digging into a cauldron of steamy broth at Hai Di Lao or Beauty in the Pot, it’s a fast and quirky game that may help satiate some of your cravings for dining out.

hotpot havoc card game singapore
Photo: Mercat Games

It’s made for two to five players, so you can easily jump into a game when you have your 2 pax of guests over, or have impromptu game nights with the fam.

Just like eating hotpot, you have to first choose a soup base from the ever-popular mala to the tangy tomato. Then it’s a fight to gain the most points through filling your hotpot with a myriad of sauces, bowls, and ingredients.

Arguing with your sister about what groceries to get for your next Hotpot session? Duel it out in Hotpot Havoc — the winner gets to decide, you’re the hotpot master after all.

hotpot havoc card game singapore
Photo: Mercat Games

It’s also good for some light-hearted fun after dinner without actually breaking out the hotpot and having to endure all the washing up that comes with it.

What is more Singaporean than fighting over our favourite foods? Hotpot Havoc comes just in time for National Day, for us to celebrate our common passion for food and could be a fun activity to substitute NDP this year. Now, if only we get a bubble tea game as well…

Find out more about the card game here.

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