Get your nostalgic pasar malam takoyaki fix at Jayz Snacks at Sembawang

by Evan Mua

Most of us probably grew up on the cheap indulgences of pasar malam takoyaki when we were young. Remember those hella affordable boxes of sauce-drenched takoyaki? Even though pasar malams are practically extinct now due to the pandemic, one of the iconic takoyaki stalls has transformed into a permanent stall at Jayz Snacks.

Formerly known as J’s Tacos, the nomadic takoyaki specialists have found a roof over their heads a few months back at Sembawang, right opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre.

jayz snacks takoyaki
Photo: Christopher Kho/facebook

So when you’re craving some of that sinful, basic takoyaki instead of the fancier authentic Japanese stuff, you know where to go. Sometimes places like Jayz Snacks are just exactly what we need to scratch that itch, y’know.

If you’ve had a taste of their takoyaki before, you’d probably be familiar with how their crispy batter balls are engorged with gluts of ingredients depending on your choice. They have all the classic fillings such as octopus, prawn, and chicken ham & cheese at $3.50/4pc.

jayz snacks takoyaki
Photo: Jays Snacks

Jayz Snacks also brought another classic pasar-malam-style Japanese snack to their permanent home — the okonomiyaki.

The crispy Japanese pancakes are available at S$4 a piece where you can select from the usual suspects of salmon, chicken ham, crabstick, or prawn. You won’t find the unique delicacy at many other places for that kind of price range, except at the good ol’ pasar malam.

Photo: @dazeliciousss/instagram

Of course, Jayz Snacks’ menu isn’t limited to just these classic Japanese-style treats. For those missing Taiwan, they also have the popular IG-worthy Cheesy Potato (S$5.50) that is flooded with golden, flowy cheese to really really satisfy your love for cheese.

jayz snacks takoyaki
Photo: @ishootwhatieat/instagram

That’s not all either, you can stuff yourself silly in all sorts of nostalgic pasar malam goodies at Jayz Snacks, including tutu kueh (S$3/5pcs), Muah Chee (S$2.50), Sausage Egg (S$2.50).

So if you’re missing the aroma of the night market, it might be worth making a trip down to Sembawang to curb your cravings while pasar malams stay closed.

Jayz Snacks
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???? 8 Jalan Legundi, #01, 17 Victory 8, Singapore 759274
???? 11am–10pm (Thu to Tue)

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