New Joya Onsen Cafe brings the authentic Japanese onsen experience to Singapore

by Evan Mua
joya onsen cafe

If you can’t go to Japan, what if someone brings Japan to you? That’s what the new Joya Onsen Cafe is doing — delivering the authentic Japanese bath house to us, right here in Singapore.

Everybody’s got those wanderlust pangs — a year without getting to fly out of Singapore? I can feel the travel deprivation setting in, hard.

joya onsen cafe singapore
Photo: Joya Onsen Cafe

But thankfully, so many new places have popped up that give us a slice of our favourite vacation destinations. Besides Japan, we also have places that remind us of Bali, Korea, Shanghai, and more.

With their soft opening planned for July 2021, Joya Onsen is part idyllic hot spring and part trendy cafe.

Currently, they are still in the midst of renovation but they released 3D impressions of the bathhouse-café hybrid — and it’s looking like the dose of Japan we’ve been craving for!

Photo: Joya Onsen Cafe

The establishment will house an array of facilities including onsen baths (private and public), an ice bath, a sauna and, a Zen Garden.

With how stressful life has been during this pandemic, it’s a great opportunity to pamper yourself to a relaxing soak in the warm baths.

joya onsen cafe
Photo: Joya Onsen Cafe

They will be charging a reasonable fee of S$38 for adults who want to indulge in the public onsen, or S$45 with refreshments.

Elderly and children get a special rate of S$32 or S$39 with refreshments.

Alternatively, you can book the private baths for 1 hour 30 mins at S$60/ pax for 2 pax or S$80/1 pax. It also entitles you to soak in the public baths after your private sesh.

singapore best onsen
Photo: Joya Onsen Cafe

Most of us are down for tranquil alone time or steamy gossip sessions in cosy saunas, so Joya Onsen Cafe’s private baths are a great touch!

But if you’re looking for an overnight experience — you can opt to top up S$25 for overnight passes too. But that’s currently unavailable due to COVID.

Besides the Onsen experience, there’s also cafe area for some post-bath bites. A traditional tatami-style floor seating will throw you back to those lovely meals at Japanese Ryokans.

joya onsen cafe
Photo: Joya Onsen Cafe

So shuffle into those low tables and tuck into some hearty Japanese fare. You can get some classic sushis like the Aburi Salmon & Sake Sushi Set (S$9/13.50) or the diverse platter of Unagi, Ebi, Kanikama, Tamago Susi & Inarizushi (S$9).

But if you’re as big of a Sashimi fan as we are, we know you can’t pass up on a hefty plate containing 10pcs of Salmon Sashimi (S$22.20).

joya onsen cafe
Photo: Joya Onsen Cafe

Icy cold desserts are also available for a shiok cool down after a steamy soak.

Fans of Japanese desserts are in for a treat with their parfaits which include a strawberry-loaded Ichigo San (S$9.80), a decadent Banana-chocolate Banana-Con (S$8.80), and a peachy Momo Chan (S$8.80).

We know, everyone’s vacation cravings are real — this portal to Japan’s hot springs might just be the detox we need from these stressful times.

Joya Onsen Cafe
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???? 511 Upper Jurong Road, #01-06, Singapore 638366
????️ 10am–11:50pm (Mon–Fri), 10am–2am (Sat–Sun)

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