Pink 3-storey cafe at Bugis has Insta-worthy decor, giant ball pit and opens till 3am

by Natalie Lim

Hundreds of cafes are peppered all over Singapore, so it takes more than just #minimalist vibes and quirky gimmicks to draw the average Singaporean in. But when a cafe stands three storeys tall and has its exterior painted a bright, screaming pink, you know that it means business.

Situated at Bugis is Smile Dessert Bugis 酒窝甜品武吉士, the loud and extremely pink three-storey cafe that has taken over the place opposite Bugis Junction, where Nunsongyee, a Korean Bingsu shop once stood.

Instagrammable pink cafe at Bugis

pink cafe 1
Photo: instagram/@the_hungry_elle

Though fans of the former bingsu establishment may be disappointed, Smile Dessert proves to be a better contender as bingsu can still be found on the menu, along with a bigger variety of desserts such as souffles, cakes and even traditional sweets like walnut paste.

There’s a sign outside that states “open 24 hours,” but don’t be misled — the cafe plans to open 24/7 in the future, but for now, it opens till 3am. Still a great late-night hangout though.

Dessert place with photo ops and a giant ball pit

pink cafe 2
Photo: facebook/Smile Dessert

One step into the cafe and you’ll realise that its interior is fully decked in pink as well. While this is the kind of place that boyfriends may refuse to enter, we say let your girl have her day. After all, real men rock pink.

The first floor is where the kitchen is located, and there’s an alfresco dining area for those who prefer to admire the city streets. The decor on the first floor may look pretty basic at first, with some ball carts and nets placed at the corner. But those only give clue to what’s on the next level — trust us, it gets better. 

pink cafe 3
Photo: instagram/@irenesee_25

Don’t forget to take an overhead shot at this super aesthetic pink stairway. 

pink cafe 4
Photo: instagram/@saltyaaron

Come to the second level and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a gigantic ball pit. Yes, the gold-rimmed marble furniture is attractive too, but which adult would want to sit there and look pretty when they can unleash their inner child by jumping into a ball pool? 

pink cafe 5
Photo: instagram/@saltyaaron

Plus, with Smile Dessert’s holographic tumblers serving as a backdrop, you’re sure to snap a picture that’s worthy for the ‘gram. Even if your boyfriend refuses to join you for a photo, you can take comfort in knowing that there’s a life-sized Pink Panther plushie provided at the ball pit, and it’s more than happy to be your picture companion. 

Photo: instagram/@the_hungry_elle

Lack of exercise may have gotten you huffing and puffing by the time you reach the third level, but perhaps it’s the interior design that’ll truly take your breath away.

Photo: instagram/@saltyaaron

Plush leather chairs line up the side of the cafe, and there are sofas positioned at each windowpane for you to have a bird’s eye view of the city. A lone, dainty pink sofa sits at the corner, inviting only the royal princesses to take a seat. 

Pink cafe that opens till 3am

Photo: instagram/@janicechong0709

It isn’t just the cafe’s layout that’s pretty. Over here, desserts are served on pastel-coloured plates and designed to look whimsical yet appetising. Featured on the left picture is a Mango Pomelo Sago Mousse Cake (S$8.90), a playful twist on the traditional dessert and the right is a Chocolate Dirty Souffle (S$12.90), a fluffy cake served with a decadent amount of ice cream

Other dessert options such as Taro Matcha Snow Ice (S$16.90), Durian Pancake (S$9.90), Melon Yoghurt Shake (S$7.90) and Brown Sugar Lava Cake With Pearl (S$9.90) are also available.

Time to drag the girlfriends (or boyfriends) along.

Smile Dessert Bugis 酒窝甜品武吉士
534 North Bridge Road, #01-01, Singapore 188749
????️ 11am–3am (Daily) 

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