6 nifty space-saving hacks for small bedrooms with products that you can find online for under S$33

by Jermina

For most of us, our bedroom is a safe haven to kick back and relax after a long day of school or work. 

The last thing that we’d want to come home to is a cluttered and messy space (I mean who else also has a stack of clothes just piled up on their chair right now?). It can be a headache thinking of ways to spruce up your room whilst maximising space — especially if you have a small room. 

It is certainly useful for all my friends living in hall or rental apartments right now and want to redecorate your rooms whilst on a budget.  

Well, luckily for you, we’ve come up with 6 clever space-saving hacks for small bedrooms using items that you can find on Shopee, all under S$33, so you won’t need to burst your budget.

1. Make use of vertical space

Space-saving hacks
Photo: 蕾拉layla/RED

One of the best ways to make space in a small room is to expand vertically. In a way, you’re doubling the amount of space you originally had without moving any furniture around. 

Photo: happyliving/shopee

Hear me out — are you constantly straining your neck to look into the screen for hours on end only to end up with the worst neckache?

Not only does the monitor stand solve this problem but it also saves space. Place your laptop or computer on the elevated stand, alongside your tablet and keyboard in just one place.

A neat and organised work space definitely helps to improve productivity (or at least we hope it does), especially if you work from home.

Get it here.
💵 S$9.90–S$19.90
🛏 Desk organiser

Space-saving hacks
Photo: chuangyunstore.sg/shopee

Although you’re saving space, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on aesthetics. The desktop rack is an example where the materials can take up minimal space and still look stylish at the same time. 

Spice it up and place a fancy room diffuser or plant at the top of the rack and keep heavier items at the bottom. 

Get it here.
💵 S$9.92–S$15.24
🛏 Desk organiser 

2. Get organisers

Photo: maka321baka/RED

A neat hack that you can use if you find yourself constantly rummaging through your table looking for that one post-it note is to get more organisers.

Besides, they come in various designs and colours so you don’t have to worry about aesthetics.

Space-saving hacks
Photo: simpleestreet/shopee

Combination drawers come in handy if you need to store your office supplies in one place — think washi tapes, post-it notes, markers, or even mini notebooks. 

I absolutely adore the fact that the drawers come in different sized compartments to fit all my office supplies!

What’s more, you can stack the drawers up to your heart’s content to save even more space.

Get it here.
💵 S$7.95
🛏 Desk organiser, storage  

Space-saving hacks
Photo: hommbayliving/shopee

Every girlboss (and king) needs their own vanity space for some special self-care but it’s hard to dedicate a corner just for it when you’re already struggling with lack of space. 

A good alternative is to get a vanity box to store all your make-up, skincare products and perfumes

If you’re familiar, you’d know that beauty products often come in different shapes and sizes. However, — just like the combination drawers — the vanity box is customisable and stackable.

Get it here.
💵 S$6.80–S$26.80
🛏 Cosmetic organiser, storage  

3. Get multi-functioning items

Space-saving hacks
Photo: @emilykiss_/pinterest

Multi-functioning objects don’t get enough hype as they should. 

With one less item to get, not only is it space-saving but it reduces cost as well (you’re really killing two birds with one stone with these hacks).  

Photo: homely_sg/shopee

Step up your organisation game with the ottoman stool which you can use for storage and to add an extra seat in the room. 

If you’re someone who loves redecorating your room on a whim, you can always move the stool wherever you like, whenever you want. 

It’s such a simple but brilliant idea. 

Get it here.
💵 S$6.80–S$26.80
🛏 Comfort, storage  

Photo: ezyhutsales/shopee

Check out this LED makeup mirror with a storage tray that also comes with adjustable brightness modes to cater to different times of the day. 

Use it to store small trinkets that have the tendency to go missing like jewellery and hair accessories and you’ll no longer have to worry about losing them — especially when you’re running late. 

Get it here.
💵 S$12.97
🛏 Beauty, storage, desk organiser  

4. Choose compact items

Space-saving hacks
Photo: @annejazmine_/pinterest

You must be wondering: what exactly are compact items

Basically, they carry a similar function to your regular household items all while occupying less space.

Photo: intud/shopee

The closet always gives me a headache — with clothes spilling out or wedged all the way to the back of the wardrobe, I can never find what I need in the morning. 

If you face the same issue as me, the double-sided hanging closet organiser is a life-changer. 

It has different transparent storage sizes for your ties, socks or undergarments so you’ll be able to tell what clothing you’re picking out, alongside a 360 degree rotating hook to make it easier for your browsing. 

Get it here.
💵 S$9.80
🛏 Beauty, storage, closet organiser  

Space-saving hacks
Photo: intud/shopee

Jeans take up so much space, especially when you fold and stack them up. Who else can relate?

One of the many space-saving hacks is to simply use a pants hanger, preferably one with multiple layers to minimise the amount of closet space it takes up. And it’s so much simpler to just pull your pants off the hanger than pulling it out from a pile of clothes.

Get it here.
💵 S$7.80
🛏 Beauty, storage, closet organiser  

5. Use the wall space

Photo: @444via/pinterest

Besides using organisers or multi-functional objects, don’t forget that your room still has to look cosy and be a private space that you look forward to returning to.

Some space-saving hacks include adding shelves or boards to the wall which allow for you to add a few personal touches here and there. 

Photo: thecorner/shopee

A pegboard suits those who enjoy the minimalist and clean look. Hang a few Polaroids of you and your family or postcards and personal notes from friends to lift your spirits. 

Get it here.
💵 S$3–S$7.90
🛏 Decor, storage, display  

Photo: fascino/shopee

Alternatively, if you’re the sort that collects quirky knick-knacks and have little space to keep them, I’ve got you covered. 

These floating wall shelves with wacky shapes add character and make a great centrepiece in your bedroom. 

Get it here.
💵 S$24.90
🛏 Decor, storage, display 

6. Get foldable furniture

Photo: @aboonchit/pinterest

Foldable furniture is easier to move around and store if you don’t use them frequently.

Photo: marchhome/shopee

Remember what I mentioned at the start about the pile of clothes? 

Invest in a foldable laundry basket to put all your washed clothes. The best part is that you can always fold and store it away until you need it again. 

Get it here.
💵 S$8.12
🛏 Clothes, storage

Photo: lazybear/shopee

If you have a friend that’s coming over but you don’t want them to sit on your bed with their “outside clothes”, consider the lazy sofa instead. There’s five reclining angles for when you want to just sit and relax or take an afternoon nap — super soft and comfortable. 

Get it here.
💵 S$32.80
🛏 Comfort, storage

Which space-saving hacks are up your alley? 

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