New Takagi Ramen outlet to open at Eastpoint Mall for 24-hour steaming ramen from S$6.90

by Evan Mua
takagi ramen eastpoint mall

We know Singaporeans love ramen from all the number of joints that have popped up all over the island but the soupy noodles aren’t the cheapest. That is unless you go to the popular Takagi Ramen, which will be opening their newest outlet at Eastpoint Mall.

Unlike many of the other ramen shops in Singapore, they sell their ramen at extremely affordable prices from as low as S$6.90. For something that can cost up to S$20 or S$30 a bowl, that is great value for money.

takagi ramen eastpoint mall
Photo: @foodkakis/instagram

While you can find many outlets scattered throughout Singapore especially in the heartlands in the North, the only other outlet in the East is at Downtown East, not the most convenient of locations. So the new Takagi Ramen’s location at Eastpoint right next to Simei MRT is good news for Easties who love ramen.

If you’re a sucker for originality, you can go for their most classic the Takagi Ramen (S$6.90) which is a simple and piping-hot bowl of tonkotsu broth that’s topped with an assortment of noodles, chashu, and green scallions.

takagi ramen eastpoint mall
Photo: Takagi Ramen

But if you prefer your broth with a bit more of an umami punch, then you can also go for their Chashu Miso Ramen (S$7.50) that comes with a whiff of miso to amp up the flavour or the Black Tonkotsu Ramen (S$7.90) that has the added fragrance of roasted black garlic.

Takagi Ramen also came up with some wacky ideas for those who aren’t really into normal ramen, adding some local flair. For example, there’s the Salted Egg Soft-Shell Crab Ramen (S$12.80) that is given a golden sheen of salted egg sauce while the Chilli Crab Soft-Shell Crab Ramen (S$10.90) is meant to resemble our national dish — but in ramen form.

takagi ramen eastpoint mall
Photo: @breadhippo/instagram

They haven’t announced when the outlet will be opening but we’re sure we’d be seeing many expectant ramen lovers head down for a bowl of piping hot ramen that won’t break the bank.

Takagi Ramen (Eastpoint Mall)
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???? 3 Simei Street 6, #01-31, Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833
???? Open 24 hours (Daily)

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