Just opened: Tian Wang 甜旺 is a mahjong-themed Chinese dessert cafe open till 3am

by Evan Mua

It is honestly refreshing seeing a resurgence of love for traditional Chinese desserts amongst the younger generation. Tian Wang 甜旺 is the newest addition to the scene, and it’s armed to the teeth with bling and pizzazz.

What makes Tian Wang 甜旺 stand out from its more old school cousins like Ah Chew is bucking the trend and modernising. And we’re all for it because almond pastes and tangyuans honestly deserve more love.

tian wang chinese dessert cafe
Photo: @angielyj/instagram

Those neon lights and quirky mahjong theme will be sure to attract many people looking for the next big instagramable cafe. And its attractive 3am timing will draw the night owls in.

After all, staying opened at 3am in Jalan Besar means a dessert spot for the supper crowd from Swee Choon.

tian wang chinese dessert cafe
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For mahjong fans, don’t miss out on the eye-catching photo wall at Tian Wang 甜旺. The huge “Fa” plastered onto it will be the perfect blessing before you head home for another few more rounds.

So for fans that want traditional Chinese dessert, they actually have a very extensive menu. You can find everything from the typical Mango Sago, Orh Nee, Almond Pastes to cooler items like D24 Durian Mousse.

If you’re craving for something citrusy, then give Tian Wang 甜旺’s Mango Pomelo Sago ($4.80) a try. The Mango Sago (S$4.20), while having a similar name, doesn’t actually contain the pulp that everyone loves.

tian wang chinese dessert cafe orh nee
Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

But for something richer, there’s your traditional orh nee. Nothing quite beats a hearty bowl of Yam Paste with Pumpkin and Ginkgo Nut ($4.80) .

For those cold nights, a smooth bowl of this would give you the warmth you need to sleep.

tian wang chinese dessert cafe durian
Photo: @phimoleats/instagram

For durian lovers, Tian Wang 甜旺 also offers a decadent selection of D24 Durian Mousse ($6), Durian Sago ($5.80), Durian Bubur Cha Cha ($5.80).

Besides D24, you can also get some Mao Shan Wang if that’s more your beat. Either way, a good, non-artificial-tasting durian dessert is hard to find — so it’s definitely a place worth checking out.

Tian Wang 甜旺 has the potential new spot in Jalan Besar for night owls to go for desserts after pigging out at Swee Choon. The cool decor, the quirky ideas, and late-night comfort sweets — it’s just what many people need.

Tian Wang 甜旺
???? 145 Jalan Besar Singapore 208863
????️ 12pm–3am (Mon–Sun)

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