Yakiniku LIKE has a Big Eater Set with 1kg worth of meat, DIY donburi, tamago sando, a Big Eater Contest with business class flight tickets to be won & more available for a limited time only

by Marcus Leong

Barbecued meats have evolved over the years, from your regular charcoal barbecue to Southern BBQ, then the ever popular Korean BBQ and even Japanese-style BBQ — AKA yakiniku. My all-time favourite yakiniku spot is definitely Yakiniku LIKE Singapore for their quality meats at affordable prices. 

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In case you didn’t know, Yakiniku LIKE Singapore is kinda like a “fast-food” style yakiniku restaurant that offers individual and smokeless grills. This means that you can enjoy it even if you can’t find anyone to dine with at the last minute (or have no friends). But of course, since yakiniku is best enjoyed in a group, there’s also sharing grills available for two or more diners. 

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To all my fellow Yakiniku LIKE Singapore fans, did you know that the brand turns four this year? Where did all the time go? To celebrate the milestone, they’ve introduced an all-new Big Eater Set (S$69.80) serving more than 1kg of meatyes, you can literally eat till your heart’s content (and more). 

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As its name suggests, this set is perfect for big eaters, or maybe even a group of small eaters. The set comes with a karubi volcano platter with a heaping pile of meat weighing 1kg, alongside double portions of seaweed soup, 500g of rice, and an Aladdin pot of spicy Korean sauce

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The set can be enjoyed 10 different ways ranging from the classic dipping sauces to even building your own donburi and Tamago sando — who would’ve thought that there’d be so many ways to enjoy yakiniku. But since you have 1kg worth of meat to devour, why not experiment with some of these “hacks”. 

My favourite way to enjoy my grilled meats is to add on the garlic butter sauce and dip the meat into it — AKA The Golden Pair (+S$1.50) — for a nice savoury, buttery, and oh so fragrant mouthful. Take your garlicky affair up a notch by adding some Garlic Soy Sauce into the mix. 

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If you’re looking to enjoy something a little heartier, you can do a DIY Donburi by adding some rice, grilled meats and sauce, then add on an onsen egg for just S$1.50 and viola, you have your own Donburi

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Since the set also comes with a ton of kimchi, you can also consider doing the Kimchi Oppa Style where you pair your grilled meats with some kimchi for a sweet, sour and lightly spicy bite. 

Alternatively, you can add on some sanchu lettuce for just S$2.50 and enjoy your grilled meats in a Korean-style lettuce wrap. 

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You can even build your own Tamago Sando here by getting a set of tamago egg (S$3.90) and then sandwich some rice and meat in between the eggs — that’s actually kinda smart.

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Apart from the Big Eater Set, Yakiniku LIKE is also introducing an indulgent Juku Aged Wagyu & US Karubi Set for two pax for just S$49.80 — super value for money! The beef had a rich flavour with a good mix of buttery-savouriness from the fat. The meat is best enjoyed with Yakiniku LIKE’s house sauces. 

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If you are a big eater yourself and think you can devour the meat on your own then you’ll wanna take note of the Big Eater Contest where you stand a chance to win a pair of round trip business class flight tickets to Tokyo

The contest will be taking place for one day only on 30 March 2024 at the Suntec City outlet and other prizes up for grabs include one-year worth of free Yakiniku LIKE wagyu meals, one-year worth of free Yakiniku LIKE meals and S$200 Yakiniku LIKE vouchers. Think you have what it takes? Register to shoot your shot for the business class tickets. 

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For those who are less ambitious (like myself), don’t worry there’s also rewards available for you. Get lucky with the sure-win scratch & win cards with prizes worth up to S$2000 to be won — I hope you’re feeling lucky. The contest ends on 28 April and you’ll need to spend a minimum of S$40 to qualify.

Do note that the Big Eater Set is only available at 313 Somerset, AMK Hub, PLQ Mall, Suntec City, and Westgate, on weekdays only (excluding PH) from 14 Mar to 28 Apr.

Are you in the mood for some grilled meats? 

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