929 Desserts & Bites at Tampines has cooling Korean-Taiwanese Bingsu From S$4.90

by Evan Mua
929 desserts 7 bites

Remember when Bingsu used to be all the craze around Singapore? Couldn’t beat digging into those heaps of refreshing shaved iced on a hot day, but they were rather expensive when they were in trend. If you still love Bingsu though, it might be worth a trip down to 929 Desserts & Bites for their Bingsu that goes for as cheap as S$4.90.

While Bingsu is something normally associated with cafes, 929 Desserts & Bites is unique in that they sell their Bingsu out of a coffee shop in Tampines. But hey, for that price we won’t really complain!

929 desserts 7 bites
Photo: 929 Desserts & Bites

It’s also interesting to note that their style of Bingsu is actually a hybrid with all the trendy Bingsu flavours on Taiwanese-style shaved ice as the base.

As far as Bingsu in Singapore goes, you hardly find cafes selling them under S$10 but you can get a Small for S$4.90 at 929 Desserts & Bites. It’s a pretty extensive selection too with 6 different flavours on the menu.

929 desserts 7 bites
Photo: Jaslyn T./burpple

For those who like rich and sweet Bingsus, you can get their Almond Angel or Halo Halo flavours while fruit lovers will enjoy their Strawberry and Mango Madness. There’s also an interesting local twist in the Chendol if you wonder what the iconic local dessert would taste like if Koreans invented it.

If you don’t mind paying a bit more, you can get the toppings-laden choices such as the Golden Fantasy (S$6.90), a mango lovers’ dream, or the Green Monster (S$8.90) which is a glorious bowl of green that will satiate all matcha lovers.

929 desserts 7 bites
Photo: 929 Desserts & Bites

Besides their icy desserts, 929 Desserts & Bites also serves up waffles and ice cream for a cheaper price than you’d find at most popular gelato shops. You can grab a Buttermilk Waffle for S$4.90 or a Matcha Waffle for S$5.90 then add on S$3 for a scoop of classic ice cream or S$4.20 for premium.

Premium Flavours (S$4.20/single, S$7/double) include Matcha, Mango Sherbet, Extremely Chocolate, and Salted Caramel while you can find Double Chocolate, Coconut, Strawberry, and TuttiFruity as the Classic Flavours (S$3.50/single, S$5.90/double).

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