Black Pig at Serangoon cooks Mookata with A5 Wagyu fat and sells Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef at cost price

by Evan Mua

Mookatas have become such a common sight nowadays that every neighbourhood would have at least 1 Kopitiam Mookata stall. But most of them tend to stick to the familiar stuff with not much new in the way of ingredients.

If you want something different from your run-of-the-mill Mookata experiences, you should check out Black Pig and their peculiar use of A5 Wagyu Beef.

black pig mookata singapore
Photo: Black Pig

The stall is located at a roadside Kopitiam in Serangoon. They sell homely Teochew porridge in the day but Black Pig’s Mookata grills come out hot and sizzling when it turns 5pm.

But what’s special about the sizzle is that, instead of pork lard, it comes from A5 Wagyu fats. So essentially, all your items will be cooked in rich beefy fats.

black pig mookata singapore
Photo: Black Pig

Sounds like quite the luxurious flavour boost for the Mookata grill right?

But the A5 Wagyu decadence doesn’t just stop at the fats — slices of the beef are also available at a decently affordable price. As the owner himself claims, it’s sold at “cost price” because he wanted to let those who haven’t tried the premium beef have a taste for themselves.

If you’re curious to see what the hype is about, why not try it with Black Pig’s Mookata? A plate of authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef costs just S$12 here.

black pig mookata singapore
Photo: Black Pig

While not the cheapest ingredient you can get for a Mookata feast, I’m sure many would be curious to see how the beautiful marbling translates to actual flavour.

One interesting thing to note about Black Pig’s Mookata selection is their array of uncommon ingredients. They’ve tweaked their selection to add elements of grill styles from all over the world, including KBBQ.

So diners can spruce up their grill with items not typically found at Kopitiam Mookatas, such as Jeju Pork Ham (S$6) and USA Yakiniku Beef (S$8).

black pig mookata singapore
Photo: Black Pig

Beyond the bells and whistles of A5 Wagyu, Black Pig also serves up the traditional Mookata selections such as Pork Belly (S$2.80), Streaky Bacon (S$2.80), Black Pepper Pork Collar (S$3.20), and Spam (S$2.20).

So if you’re looking for a Mookata experience with a bit more novelty, Black Pig’s unique use of A5 Wagyu might be just the creative spark to excite your palate. With wagyu, why argue?

Black Pig 黑猪
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???? 1096 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328193
????️ 5pm–11pm (Fri–Wed)

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