Coffee Tea Library is a cosy pet-friendly teahouse tucked away in Tanglin Road offering over 50 exotic tea selections & more

by Kaye Yeo

Envision yourself spending a lazy afternoon savouring a hot cup of tea, with a book in hand and your furry companion by your side — completely worry-free.

You can do just that at Coffee Tea Library, a cosy teahouse and cafe on Tanglin Road. This hidden gem is tucked away in a charming garden right beside Lucky Saigon Cafe, located only one bus stop away from Redhill MRT station.

coffee tea library
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On the way to the cafe, you can interact with unusual birds like turkeys, roosters and other animals. This pet-friendly space extends to the Coffee Tea Library, so you can bring your furry friend along to unwind at the cafe. If you don’t have any pets, the cafe’s own little furry librarian, Noodle the dog, will make sure you won’t feel lonely.

coffee tea library

A wide selection of over 50 tea blends from Japan, Vietnam, China and Taiwan are available for you to choose from. These tea blends were thoughtfully selected and sourced in-person overseas by the dedicated team behind the cafe, so you can be assured of their quality!

Tea lovers will be delighted to know that the cafe offers an uncommon range of lotus blends from Vietnam such as Lotus Elegance and Vintage Lotus. For connoisseurs looking for more floral and light teas, there’s a plethora of choices from classics like jasmine and oolong teas to the more unconventional Blueberry Blossom and Iced Sakura.

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You can even bring home one of China’s top ten famous teas, the Biluochun Spring Fragrance for just S$7.90 (15g)! The tea blends at the cafe are available for sale in two different weights, and each blend is priced accordingly. Prices start at S$6.90 for 15g and can go up to S$25 for 50g, allowing you to savour your favourite blend in the comfort of your own home.

coffee tea library

However, the cosy ambience of the cafe is sure to pull you in, with its glasshouse-inspired interior, swing seats, and lush green turfs. Pick your pot of tea, at S$9.90 for signature pots and S$11.90 for premium pots and choose to have it served warm or chilled. Then kick back and relax in the gentle glow of natural lighting with a furry friend.

Not only are you entitled to a free refill of your pot, but you can also have your fill of delectable desserts to complement your tea too. There are even two-hour tea-tasting sessions in which you’ll get to try three different types of tea with cake.

coffee tea library
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Coffee lovers are sure to ask: what about coffee? The cafe offers a quality selection of timeless favourites such as Espresso (S$5), Americano (S$6) and more. While the coffee options may not be as diverse as the selection of tea blends, there’ll be one bound to tickle your fancy.

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Coffee Tea Library truly does live up to its name as a one-stop shop for coffee and tea lovers. So, head down to the cafe sometime this week for a chill solo date or a gathering with your besties!

Coffee Tea Library
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???? 356 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247674
???? 10.30am–7pm (Daily)

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