Lokbulok (Lok不Lok) offers a sinful combo of $1 lok lok and free soju for delivery till 12am

by Evan Mua
Lok不Lok singapore lok lok delivery

Get those late-night cravings for sinful, deep-fried food? We all do, but sometimes a Double McSpicy ain’t quite the vibe and our thoughts race to those JB suppers filled with lok lok. Well, you’re in luck because Lok不Lok offers lok lok delivery till 12am.

With dining out off the table until next week, Lok不Lok’s delivery might be just the answer we needed for those late-night cravings at home.

Photo: Lok不Lok

This Macpherson stall sells each stick at S$1 and even pair it with a bottle of Soju for those that fancy a helping of alcohol to combo with the deep-fried decadence. Also perfect for those looking to toast to getting their vaccine appointments — finally.

They have islandwide lok lok delivery available until 12 am every day of the week at a flat fee of S$10 with a minimum order of S$35. S$85 snags you delivery free of charge.

Lok不Lok offers three combos — Combo A comes with 35 sticks for S$35, while S$55 gets you Combo B with a hearty portion of 55 sticks. A free bottle of Soju is included for both.

Lok不Lok singapore lok lok delivery
Photo: Lok不Lok

But if you and your buddies (remember, it’s still 5 pax maximum) are really feeling it and want to go all out, Lok不Lok’s Combo C is your solution. S$85 for 85 sticks, 2 bottles of Soju, and free delivery.

Blast some EDM and drown yourself in some Soju shots or Soju bombs for the authentic Lok Lok experience. It ain’t really a JB-style lok lok supper if you don’t get a bit tipsy, after all.

lok bu lok delivery
Photo: Lok不Lok

You can check out their huge list of skewers in Lok不Lok’s — really something for everyone.

Each combo comes with their four signature homemade sauces that include MAMA Sibei 辣, MAMA Satay Sauce, VIET Sweet Garlic Sauce, and a new DIDI 酸酸甜甜辣辣. Lok不Lok claims it’s “gaolat spicy” for those that really love a hot kick.

If you’re one of those craving some late night sinning, you can place your order here, or contact them at 8788 1010 for self-collection.

Lokbulok Bistro (Lok不Lok)
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???? 401 Macpherson Rd, #01-21 Singapore, Singapore 368125
????️ Delivery from 6pm–12am (Daily)

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