Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo is Singapore’s first railway-themed cafe with moving train models inspired by Japan

by Evan Mua
shinjuku kissa tetsudo singapore rail cafe

Looking for interesting new cafes with unique themes to spruce up your coffee dates? While there are tons of new gorgeous minimalist cafes, we’re probably more enamoured by the interesting concept and decor of the new Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo Singapore’s first rail-themed cafe at 111 Somerset.

Opened by a train lover, Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo’s most striking piece of furniture is undoubtedly the impressive live diorama track that is based on Japanese railways and features miniature train models that can actually be moved.

shinjuku kissa tetsudo singapore rail cafe
Photos: @madhanrui/instagram

If you’re looking for a place where you can have a drink while also indulging trains and models, you’re on the right track. You can see the trains zooming past you on a fixed schedule throughout the day, much like the efficient real-life Japanese rail system.

You can also pay to rent the diorama at Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo if watching isn’t enough and you want to get hands-on with operating. Rates start from S$15 for 60 minutes to S$38 for 180 minutes.

Keeping in line with the Japanese railway theme, you can find plenty of Japanese touches throughout the cafe such as posters and timetables made to resemble those you can find at the train stations, plus a unique tatami seating area if you miss the experience of tatami dining in Japan.

shinjuku kissa tetudo singapore rail cafe
Photo: 111 Somerset

The whole experience at Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo is also meant to mimic a train ride in Japan — you first place your order at a “ticket kiosk” then they give you a “ticket” with your details and assigned seats before showing you to your seat.

While the focus is on their unique train experience, Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo also puts emphasis on their food offerings — their coffee is specially brought in from Japan from Cofee SAKURA, an old-school coffee roaster in the countryside of Nagoya. The hand-poured selection costs around S$6 to S$15.

shinjuku kissa tetudo singapore rail cafe
Photo: 111 Somerset

Besides the coffee, you can also grab some of Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo’s Roll Cakes (S$8) which include flavours such as Strawberry, Sweet Potato, and Matcha Azuki.

However, please remember to make an appointment on WhatsApp at 9072 444 since the cafe is small, so dining in is on an appointment basis only right now.

Shinjuku Kissa Testudo
???? 111 Somerset Rd, #02-54, Singapore 238164
???? 12pm–5pm (Mon to Sat)

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