Party September away at Singapore River Festival 2023 which has a pet bazaar, Japanese-themed festival, S$5 art workshops, street clubbing & so much more

by Kaye Yeo

There’s been quite a number of festivals and events this September, from bazaars and markets popping up to meet the Grand Prix Season, to the RSAF Open House for the first time in seven years. Here’s another to add to your itinerary, coincidentally on its seventh year as well — the month-long Singapore River Festival 2023!

Taking place from 7 September till 1 October 2023, it’s time to party away your weekends with the weekly themed events starring electrifying live performances, S$5 art workshops, your own furry friends, and even a whole matsuri (Japanese festival) with anime-inspired yatai food stalls, games and more!

Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

I absolutely can’t wait to see who will take the title of the Best Dressed Pet in the competition of whose pet has the most drip — but let’s not get ahead of myself. Here’s the line up of exciting events that you can look forward to.

  • 7–8 September: Rhythm of the River
  • 8–9 September: Street Beats @ Circular Road
  • 9–10 September: Wellness Fest @ Clarke Quay Central
  • 16–17 September: Moonlight Fiesta @ Robertson Walk
  • 23–24 September: Purrfect Day to Night Out @ CQ @ Clarke Quay
  • 29 September–1 October: WORLD X FEST 2023 JAPAN EDITION @ Clarke Quay Central

Rhythm of the River

Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

Kickstarting the Singapore River Festival 2023 will be live music performances from home-grown musicians, a roving performance from SMU’s Samba Masala and an exciting fiery circus performance that will light up the atmosphere. 

Check out the guest musicians and their scheduled performances here.

📍 Read Bridge, River Promenade in front of Clarke Quay Central & Riverside Point
🗓️ 7 Sep to 8 Sep 2023

Street Beats

Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

This week’s event leans into the 80s vibe, where music and clubbing fanatics can come together at this dynamic street party with famous DJs like Joshua P, Nez Senja, Ice Cream Sundays, Darker than Wax and…me! Just kidding! Though I happen to share the same name as the musician Kaye, I definitely am not equipped to appear on the Electronica Stage.

Photo: @singaporeriverone/instagram

Of course, we also can’t forget Tamiya car racing and arcade gaming that peaked during the 80s and 90s. For those who are unfamiliar with the oldie-but-goldie Tamiya model cars, think Hot Wheels, but Japanese. If you are a fan of the F1 Grand Prix, why not check out this equally exhilarating race on the dream tracks of every model car owner?

Find out more about the event and the food and drinks at the communal dining area here.

📍 Circular Road
🗓️ 8 Sep to 9 Sep 2023

Wellness Fest

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Sin‎gap‎ore Riv‎er Festi‎val 20‎23

After a weekend of partying, it’s time to take care of your health in Wellness Fest. Train your mind with a SRF Word Hunt race along the Singapore River, and get in some cardio with a Trampoline workout class. Release all your tension with a therapeutic Serenity Sketching session, where you’ll be able to freely express yourself.

Find out about the attractive prizes you can win for the race and how to sign up for a fun bouncing workout session here.

📍 Clarke Quay Central 
🗓️ 9 Sep to 10 Sep 2023

Moonlight Fiesta

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Sing‎‎apore Ri‎ver Fes‎tival 202‎3

It’s a combo festival event with the Mid-Autumn Festival and Singapore River Festival 2023! Spend this weekend with your family at S$5 art workshops where you can handcraft your lanterns, make cute Bear Pour keychains and charming window art. 

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Singa‎pore R‎iver Fest‎ival 20‎23

Don’t miss out on the puppet show, magic show and a magical lantern walk along the river! Find out how to join the activities here.

📍 Robertson Walk
🗓️ 16 to 17 Sep 2023

Purrfect Day to Night Out

This is the greatest weekend to find yourself in a haven of and for pets. Go on a shopping spree with your furry companion at the Pet Merchandise Bazaar that is stocked with trendy apparel, stylish accessories, and delectable pet-safe gourmet treats like mocktails and ice creams.

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Sing‎apore Ri‎ver Fe‎‎stival 2023

Ensure your pet’s well-being with the complimentary pet health checks and expand your knowledge through informative talks by experts in the field of pet care. If you don’t have a furry friend, why not adopt one at the Adoption Drive by Mercylight Singapore?

Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

Dress up your pet to the nines for the Best Dressed Competition and win the title of the Best Dressed Pet so you can boast to everyone how cool your furry friend is.

Find out more about the upcoming talks on how to massage your pet, communicate with them, and the music performances here.

📍 CQ @ Clarke Quay
🗓️ 23 to 24 Sep 2023

World X Fest 2023 Japan Edition

I won’t lie, I am the most excited about this grand weekend finale of Singapore River Festival 2023. Think of the summer festivals that have featured in so many anime, and combine that with an anime expo. Regardless of whether you’re just here for the anisong live performances, or the delicious Japanese yatai (movable shop stands) food stalls and games, there’s a little bit of everything Japanese for everyone.

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

JPop artistes will be performing anisongs, and there’ll be special variety shows starring SARAH, Yayoi Daimon and more. You can even meet your favourite cosplayers at Meet Fan Sessions, and stand a chance to win a 10D8N trip to Japan and S$1000 cash!

Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

Bag that 10-day trip and money by securing a Top 3 spot in Tora-Q’s mascot cosplay competition. Come up with your own humanised interpretation of the cute mascot that is inspired by Japanese stone jizo (guardian of travellers and a fictitious animal that is a cross between shiba-inu and a cat).

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

Check out the rules of the competition and more about the guests that will be making their appearance here.

I’m already imagining myself scooping a goldfish and chowing down on takoyaki in a yukata!

📍 Clarke Quay Central
🗓️ 29 Sep to 1 Oct 2023

Other than the weekly events, there are month-long activities to look out for as well!

Mixed Reality Adventure 

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

Remember Pokemon Go? Instead of catching pokemon and battling other trainers, you’ll be saving Singapore from dangerous time rifts with the cute otter Saba in an augmented reality (AR) hunt using TikTok. Learn more about the retail and food vouchers that you can win through Saba’s Time Quest here.

🗓️ 7 Sep to 7 Nov 2023

Singapore River Signatures (SRS)

Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

But for those who are looking to start on their food journey immediately, the Singapore River Signatures (SRS) is for you! Go on a Tales and Tastes of Singapore River Tour to try mouthwatering delights from The Dragon Chamber, Brewerkz and others, or enter any of the workshops to refine your culinary and tasting skills. 

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

You’ll be able to learn the art of crafting the perfect espresso shot, become a master in alcohol in guided tastings of Singapore’s signature spirits and beer, and discover the artistry of desserts in a Mao Shan Wang Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake making session.

You also have a free chance to test-drive BYD’s electric vehicles around so sign up for your favourite sessions here before all the available slots are taken.

🗓️ 7 Sep to 1 Oct 2023

Light Up on Bridges

Singapore River Festival 2023
Photo: Singapore River Festival 2023

Take vibey Instagram photos at Cavenagh Bridge, Read Bridge, and Alkaff Bridge which will be transforming into a mesmerising canvas of colours with stunning light art installations this month. 

🗓️ 7 Sep to 1 Oct 2023

Mark your calendars and bring out the party animal in you this September at the Singapore River Festival 2023!

Singapore River Festival 2023
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📍 Multiple locations
🗓️ 7 Sep to 1 Oct 2023

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