10 unique National Day food specials for a truly Singaporean long weekend feast at home

by Evan Mua
national day food specials 2021

This year’s special stay-home National Day has led to many F&B launching interesting National Day food specials, putting creative twists on some of our favourite local foods ranging from chicken rice to rendang.

Even if COVID-plagued 2021 has left us trapped at home during this long weekend where we can’t go out for a sumptuous feast, look on the bright side — there are more delivery choices now than ever.

Even with no NDP and no dining out, here are some truly Singaporean dishes that can help sweeten the long weekend with some familiar and homely flavours.

Local-inspired Milkshakes from Potion Labz

national day food specials 2021
Photo: @emuneats/instagram

These National Day special limited edition Milkshakes (S$10) from Potion Labz aren’t just a feast for your tummy, but for your eyes as well. Durian lovers would definitely fall in love with the indulgent shake topped with a durian cream puff, durian crackers, and wafer rolls.

You can also find a jazzed-up version of Kopitiam drinks like Bandung and Teh Tarik, as well as the ultimate blast to the blast — a Raspberry Ripple inspired by the ice cream carts.

Order here.

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Milo Cream Puff from Baristart

national day food specials 2021 baristart milo dinosaur cream puff
Photo: Baristart Singapore

Baristart’s Milo Dinosaur Cream Puff (S$6) comes just as the name suggests — showered with a copious amount of rich Milo powder just like the popular drink itself. After you cut through the airy pastry exterior, you’d be greeted by a treasure trove of Milo custard oozing out like molten lava.

This special National Day item will be available only from 9 August 2021 to 31 August 2021 and Each customer is only entitled to 1 puff, as there will be limited amounts every day.

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Chicken Rice Gelato from Butterknife Folk

national day food specials 2021 chicken rice ice cream

While Creamier’s special National Day flavours have gotten many people talking, it’s because most haven’t heard of Butterknife Folk and the crazy flavours they’ve been churning out every year.

We’re talking everything you can think of — from Teh Tarik, White Rabbit, Bandung, to Chee Cheong Fun, Chilli Crab and… Chicken Rice? Yes, it tastes just like Chicken Rice, amazingly, and it’s worth trying for the novelty value.

Order pints here or get a few scoops at their physical outlet.

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???? 107 North Bridge Rd, #02-02 Funan, Singapore 179105
????️ 1pm–9pm (Daily)

Laksa Pao Fan from Chilli Api Catering

national day food specials 2021 laksa pao fan
Photo: Chilli Api Catering

Pao Fan is a popular dish in which rice is submerged into soup, with the broth imparting hearty flavours to the rice. What’s everyone most popular and heartiest broth in Singapore? Laksa, of course.

This National Day-inspired dish features crispy and regular rice soaked in a special creamy coconut-rich broth, lavish amounts of seafood, and finished with beancurd rolls for a decadent recreation of Singapore’s favourite soupy noodles. A S$68 Laksa Pao Fan set feeds 5-7pax.

Order the set here.

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Mala White Beehoon from White Restaurant

mala white beehoon
Photo: White Restaurant

This popular homegrown brand is celebrating National Day with a collection of their fresh takes on local cuisine including Fresh Prawn in Chilli Crab Sauce (S$21.78), Deep Fried Mackerel with Turmeric ($16.28), and Chicken Tikka Masala (S$19.58).

But what’s got everyone hyped up is the return of the Mala White Bee Hoon (S$9.79/S$15.18), which sees their flavourful signature White Bee Hoon dyed a deep orange hue and packed with mouth-numbing spice that will leave you reeling with masochistic glee.

You can get these orders through delivery or takeaway from now till the end of August.

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national day food specials 2021  cookie
Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

If you were excited about Subway’s Pandan Cookie, you’d probably explode after seeing Creamery’s Ondeh Ondeh Lava Cookie which explodes with gooey gula melaka.

While you can’t tuck into the cookies fresh at Creamery currently, they’ve made it effortless for you to replicate those sexy boomerang shots at home with bake-it-yourself cookies in their National Day Special Bundle (S$39). It also comes with a pint of ice cream, so choose wisely from cool flavours like Milo Dinosaur, Banoffee, and Hojitella.

Place your pre-orders 3 days in advance!

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Tandoori Pizza from Pizza Express

national day food specials 2021
Photo: Pizza Express

Pizza Express’ special range of locally-inspired Pizzas (S$26) for National Day accurately reflects how Singapore is a melting pot of different flavours. The most interesting one is the one that’s smothered in Laksa sauce to give the pizza dough those trademark lemak notes.

There’s also a luscious Beef Rendang pizza, one with succulent chunks of Satay chicken, and one packed with rich Tandoori Chicken flavours.

Order them here, and also enjoy 50% off all pick-up orders until 8 August 2021.

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???? 7 Fraser St, #01-01/02, Singapore 189356
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???? 251 Holland Ave, Singapore 278981
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Kopi-o Cake from Cat and the Fiddle

national day food specials 2021 cat and fiddle
Photo: @kevin_the_hiak/instagram

What is the drink that best symbolises Singapore? No, it’s not Milo, it’s obviously Kopi. In homage to this uniquely Singaporean drink, Cat and the Fiddle has made a special The Singaporean Breakfast ($6.90 a slice, $52.90 for a whole cake) for National Day.

It features a fluffy vanilla sponge and velvety smooth cream cheese infused with the robust flavours of Nanyang coffee powder for a rich and smoky treat reminiscent of our national drink.

There’s also a promo for orders until 9 August, to enjoy 25% off the whole cake.

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Otah Sushi Roll from Maki-San

Photo: Maki-San

Singapore’s favourite DIY Sushi franchise has rolled out a special Ota-Ota Gurin Bundle for National Day that features a brand new Ota-Ota Gurīn Maki packed with ingredients like tempura otah, chicken floss, and kecap manis — basically a marriage between Japanese and Southeast Asian flavours.

Soft chewy Azuki Mochi is also included, to help cut through all the heartiness at the end of the meal.

Order on Grab.

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Gudsht Cocktails

Photo: GudSht

What better way to celebrate the National Day long weekend than raising a glass to Singapore? We’ve got just the perfect drinks for you too — 4 limited-edition specials (S$15 each/ S$46 for a bundle) by GudSht made just for National Day.

They’ve got the perfect names down too in classic Singaporean vernacular, you’ve got Steady Lah!, Lepak Ah, Swee Boh and Swee Boh, a unique concoction that’s a blend of chrysanthemum tea and lime juice.

Order here.

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