12 affordable and trendy work bags every corporate girlie needs that you can find in Singapore for under S$100

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Be honest — how many of you are less inclined to put in effort into dressing up when it’s time for work? 

While it’s understandable that many of us tend to favour convenience or practicality over vanity in a professional setting, it doesn’t always have to be the case. 

When you dress in style and look good, it’ll make you feel good and motivate you for the day ahead. To help you level up your OOTD for work in the simplest but most effective way possible — here are 12 affordable work bags you can get in Singapore for under S$100 for every corporate girlie. 

1. Uniqlo Puffy Bag

affordable work bags
Photo: Uniqlo

If you’re not one to carry much baggage around, you should consider the soft and plush mid-sized Uniqlo Puffy Bag as your next staple work bag.

Not only can it fit a fifteen inch laptop (perfect for those who have flexi-work arrangements) but it also has two interior pockets for storing wallets or cards. 

Although it’s made up of soft faux leather, it has a premium, puffy finish that’s especially trendy now. 

Most importantly, it has a thick strap that’s comfy on the shoulder, considering most of us (myself included) are constantly straining our necks whilst looking into the screen for hours on end. 

Buy here.
💵 S$39.90

2. Waralee’s Day Slim Leather Hand Bag

Photo: Sift and Pick

Slick and slim, Waralee’s Day’s Slim Leather Hand Bag is another great choice for those who are searching for a versatile bag and prefer packing light for work. 

The main compartment is specially designed to fit flat items such as your MacBook — I reckon you could even go without a laptop sleeve. But if that isn’t enough fret not. 

The small compartment in the front also allows you easy access to your essentials like phone, keys, and earphones!

Buy here.
💵 S$36.25

3. Chihiro Puffy Bag

Photo: @Chihiro Bag Shop/shopee

Blackpink’s Jennie has done it again as she was spotted wearing the COS Quilted Oversized Shoulder Bag and before we know it, it was sold out internationally. 

Fortunately for us, Chihiro Puffy Bag is a close resemblance to the one she had and is more wallet-friendly

This is one of the affordable work bags amongst the rest that remains soft and lightweight so that you can fit all your daily necessities inside including an iPad, jacket and hydro flask. 

I can see why Korea’s it girl has taken a fancy to this oversized shoulder bag. 

Buy here.
💵 S$7.22–S$8.26

4. The Paper Bunny Puffer Shopper

affordable work bags
Photo: The Paper Bunny

We couldn’t skip The Paper Bunny’s Puffer Shopper as it’s one of the bags that started the whole puffer trend in Singapore. 

With such a wide range of colours, the puffer bag proves easy to match with your clothes and the straps are seriously soft and comfy for your shoulders. 

Plus, the spacious bag interior allows you to bring your work essentials like your laptop and water bottle around effortlessly. 

Buy here.
💵 S$65

5. Soft Leather Shoulder Tote Bag

Photo: @junyibaihuo.sg/shopee

There are days when you want to dress up without putting much effort and the Soft Leather Shoulder Tote Bag easily elevates your look.

The wine red bag paired alongside a leather jacket and boots is such a powerful yet timeless look, adding a touch of sophistication and flair to your ensemble.

Better yet, this bag has a glossy finish so it won’t get dirty easily and is large enough to carry around your essentials with ease. 

Buy here.
💵 S$17.05

6. MAH Korean Leisure Backpack

Photo: MAH Official Store/shopee

I used to avoid carrying backpacks for work because they’re usually either too bulky or don’t go with my outfits — that is, until I came across MAH Korean Leisure Backpack

This sleek backpack has a variety of inner compartments including a protective sleeve for your laptop, inner pocket for valuables and a chain so you won’t ever have to go digging for your keys. 

There’s even a backsheet pocket for your phone, alongside a nifty side pocket for an umbrella. 

Who says you have to sacrifice style for practicality? 

Buy here.
💵 S$47.89

7. Beyond The Vines Dumpling Bag (M)

Photo: Beyond the Vines

We all know that puffer bags are especially trendy right now but another cult favourite seems to be the lightweight and water-resistant Beyond the Vines Dumpling Bag (M)

What makes it so unique is that it features a ruched closing just like a drawstring, making it less boxy and stiff. It also has a large front flap pocket — because you can never have too much storage. 

Unlike the other affordable work bags, you can either wear it with the adjustable crossbody straps or use the short handles like a fashionable handbag. Best yet, they come in various sizes ranging from XS to XL to meet your everyday needs. 

Buy here.
💵 S$89

8. Charles and Keith Shalia Large Double Tote Bag

Photo: Charles and Keith

Alternatively, if something more structured and boxy fits your personal aesthetic better, check out Charles and Keith’s Shalia Large Double Tote Bag.

A classy oatmeal coloured bag base with accented colours of your choice, this bag is not only functional (with spacious compartments, two types of handles and zippers), but also very stylish while still looking professional.

Buy here.
💵 S$99.90

9. The Dippy Club Puffy Pink

affordable work bags
Photo: @thedippyclub/instagram

The Dippy Club is a local-based brand that specialises in tote bags including the Puffy Pink

The sweet looking and fairy-like design adds a more feminine and unique choice to your wardrobe capsule — plus it’s water-resistant! 

Don’t underestimate this bag as it holds a lot more than you’d expect. It has a padded laptop compartment alongside a pocket both inside and outside of the bag to hold your water bottle and prevent spills.

Buy here.
💵 S$54.90

10. Accessories London Faux Fur Teddy Tote

Photo: ASOS

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures as it also helps to level up your style. 

With a similar silhouette to Prada’s famous Terry collection (popularised by Single’s Inferno’s Song Jia), My Accessories London’s Faux Fur Teddy Tote is sure to score you extra style points while keeping your daily work necessities safe. 

Buy here.
💵 S$42

11. ASOS Glamorous Popcorn Texture Shoulder Bag

Photo: ASOS

Personally, I was intrigued by the ASOS Glamorous Popcorn Texture Shoulder Bag as it features a wacky popcorn-textured fabric. 

The tie-front detail and gathered smock silhouette gives it a playful, fun feel whilst adding texture to your outfit to make you stand out amongst the crowd. 

I can certainly foresee it being a Y2K quintessential piece that (might even) come back in trend.

Buy here.
💵 S$55.99

12. Glamorous Washed Denim Shoulder Tote Bag

Photo: ASOS

There’s a reason why most of us would have denim in our closet. 

It’s versatile, durable and most importantly, serves as a comfortable modern look. 

Go all out with the denim-on-denim outfit and get the Glamorous Washed Denim Shoulder Tote Bag

It mimics the denim wash and faded look for any streetwear enthusiasts. 

Buy here.
💵 S$48.15

Going to the office and dressing up shouldn’t be mutually exclusive — it’s time to start commuting in style!

Which of these tote-ally affordable work bags will you be getting? 

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